Slow Destruction of Ourselves 

I may hear some comments about this one but here it goes…
Social media is an addiction. It’s a literal addiction where whoever uses it feels a need for it, they feel drawn to it and sometimes it can cause that person trouble. It makes you feel like you have to have it or else you’ll go insane. 
It consumes you and makes you oblivious to things around you. 

I myself have been guilty of this many times and upon casually scrolling through Facebook this morning, it hit me! 

I asked myself why I am reading this? What am I doing exactly? 

I catch myself reading articles about signs you’ve found you’re soulmate or life partner or helicopter parenting. 
I’ll occasionally find myself reading fitness articles or seeing pictures of people who probably know every detail of Photoshop. And I know many of you reading this are guilty of similar things, we all are! What we don’t realize is how much damage we are inflicting on ourselves. 

It’s literally a slow death to your self esteem and your confidence each and every time you spend time on social media. And someone else’s every time you share a post. It makes you question you and every thing or person around you. 

With that, I will give an example! 

I’ve read more articles about signs you’ve found the man you should marry more times than I’d like to admit…and with each one I catch myself thinking, oh Tommy (my boyfriend who I have know for 8 years now) does that or doesn’t do that… What am I doing? 

I am comparing my relationship to someone probably halfway across the world who has no idea who I am, who my boyfriend is or any aspect of my relationship with Tommy…

So how does this person know that these are signs that Tommy should or shouldn’t be my husband one day? 

How do they know what I want in my relationship or what Tommy and I want from each other? 

Well…truth is, they don’t! And never will. So why am I taking my precious time reading their post? 

Another good example…and I have been guilty of this one too! 

FITNESS! So much of anything social media is filled with fitness goals and how a person should look it’s ridiculous. 

On Instagram, I might scroll by a picture someone else posted about a girl who is a size 2 all thanks to this magic fruit nobody in freaking America has even heard of. 

That’s an unrealistic goal my friend! To me being fit is being healthy and taking care of yourself. You don’t have to be a size 2 in order to do that. I am a proud size 4-6 and I worked hard to get there. I may not eat healthy all the time but I am, for the most part, proud of my health and the way I look. I walk with confidence. And I started by setting a goal for myself and reaching it in a way that worked for me! 

Each time you see or read something that you’re not, what happens? 

You think I will never be like that…and all your confidence that you’ve worked really hard to build gets knocked right back down! Am I right? 

On top of that…we see everyone else’s world. The rhings they do, the places they go, their friends, their families…every aspect of their world they choose to share. 

And that makes us think about the things we don’t have instead of the things we do… 

And that, my readers, is how social media destroyed human life every single day. And it is gradually getting worse and worse. 

So instead of the usual New Years resolutions…I set one for myself and said I am not going to let the social world around me demolish the life I chose to create for myself. 

Thanks for reading Ladybugs and Manbugs! ❤️