A Stranger’s Love

Today I learned just how true it is that you don’t know how or when you can make a difference in someone’s life. Something that seems so simple to you could mean everything to someone’s who is struggling. I was lucky one today, the one who saw the God works in mysterious ways sometimes, the one who finally heard what she needed to hear…someone who barely knows me made that difference in my life!

The past couple of months have been rough and I know that things could be a lot worse than they are and I also know that there is someone who has bigger problems than I do. So instead of going into detail…I will you a rundown of my crazy life.

I am 22 years old and currently a full-time student who is graduating next semester, a part-time worker, I just bought a new car and got some new furniture for my room. This year I lost some friends and gained a relationship with an amazing guy ho I’ve known for about 8 years now. I currently live with my parents, until I graduate college, I pay for my car and gas for my car, pay for my furniture, help with food and give my parents extra money when I have it. I have never been a problem child. I’ve never smoked anything besides hookah, will drink on occasion (so do my parents), never been into drugs or anything and do not have any children yet. I help my mom keep our house clean, keep my room clean, help with cooking and various other things for them. I will even give them money sometimes so they can go out and have some fun too.

In between schoolwork, homework, graduation, regular work and getting my Chiropractic Assistant certificate, making sure bills are paid and things are kept clean…it’s safe to say I have some stress in my life. To make matters even more stressful, my parents do not like nor approve of the guy I am dating. And it’s all because they judged the book by its cover. They won’t take the time to know him…he is currently not welcomed in my house and I am not to be caught going over to his house (we are both 22, he lives with his sister and his sister and my best friend, they are family to me). Every time I want to spend time with him (tommy) or his sister (April) it is literally World War 4, 5, 6, 7…in my house. And I know that I liv with them and I respect them because they are my parents. If I don’t do as I’m told, it is a blow out! I’ve tried talking with them, my mom especially, to try and get them to see that I’m happy. I have failed several times at my attempt and still don’t understand why…I always think back to the fact that I am good daughter to them, I can make my own decisions and granted don’t typically make bad ones but even if I do, I learn from them.

Anyways…my battle has now taken me to the point where I know I make a decision they don’t like or don’t follow their rules for my own happiness, there will be big consequences…which may or may not lead to my being kicked out of their house.

In light of all that, let’s get to the point behind this post.

There is a Rite Aid a minute down the road from my house and my mom and I go in there a lot…we have to get ice and my parents smoke so they get cigarettes and all that too. One of the cashiers knows us well because of us coming in so often. She is super nice and talks to us every time we come in if she’s there.

My mom forgot to get ice on our way from seeing a Christmas light show, so she sent me up to Rite Aid to get ice. Ms. Gloria (the cashier) was working and they were slow, so when I had paid for my ice, we had a nice conversation. She knows about my mother’s non-liking of my boyfriend due to drunken conversation she has had with Ms. Gloria on random Saturday nights. I guess I just really needed to vent to someone other than my boyfriend and his sister. I told her a lot and it felt really good to have someone around the same age of my parents agree with me on the matter. Another customer came up to the counter so I politely moved over and ended our conversation by jokingly saying well if I come in the store homeless next week, you know why. I giggled some after I said that but her response silenced my laughter almost instantly…this woman who barely knows me, looked at me and said, “I’ll make room for you.”

I simply said alright was I walked at the door, but it hit me a lot harder once I sat in my car and started driving off. I had the urge to cry, so I put my hand up to my mouth and felt tears well up in my eyes at the simple thought of how her words made a difference in my life in a positive way.

The more I thought about it…the more I realized that God had put me in the right place at the right time. Had my mom and I not forgotten the ice, I wouldn’t have gotten to have that conversation and those words are something I will never forget!

Thanks for reading Ladybugs and Manbugs! 🙂