Movie Review: Magic Mike XXL

To all my Manbugs out there, don’t shut my post down simply because it says Magic Mike in the title lol

Anyways, I decided to do another movie review this week, it’s been hard for me to post anything lately, but that’s a whole other story in itself. For my apologies sake, I’ll put my reasoning in simple words…my job and my search for a new job.

Let me start of my review by saying that if you’ve seen the first movie, then you know that there is a storyline to the plot, it’s not just a bunch of good looking guys throwing their clothes all over the place. The first movie’s plot is really about Magic Mike (Channing Tatum), who is a male entertainer, meeting this girl and trying to win her over, they wind up together in the end.

Magic Mike XXL is about the same group of guys but their story is trying to get themselves to a “stripper convention” which is going to be the group’s last show together. They go through some wild experiences and wind up really figuring out who they all really want to be and what they want to do most. They even wind changing their routines for the convention and I must say that the routines are amazing! I’m pretty sure I would faint if I ever saw that in person lol

While there is a good amount of taking off clothes in the movie, as you can see, the story is really about the group and what they do. There were ups and downs and quite a few parts that will make you burst out in random laughter. And the ending will leave some of you melting in your seat, which I think is great for any movie! I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who’s interested in watching it. And to those of you who don’t want to give it a chance, just try the first movie. See how it is, then maybe move on the XXL if you want.

Thanks for reading Ladybugs and Manbugs J

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