Confidence is Key!

Fitness and being the “perfect” size is a big issue right now and seems to be growing. I say “perfect” because to me, everyone’s ideal size is different. Everyone has different goals.

I decided to post this blog today in order to let people know how hard it is to be “perfect.” This is not to discourage anyone but to simply open eyes of people who want that Victoria Secret’s model body or (for my manbugs), to e strong and buff like pro weight-lifters or something. To let my readers know that it’s okay to want to be healthy and fit, but it’s also okay to have a “not so perfect” figure as long as you are comfortable and confident!

To start this off, I will tell you my story.

When I graduated high school in 2011, I weighed 117 lbs which was about 5 lbs under what I should’ve been. I ate though and didn’t care what I ate, when I ate or anything…

I also played soccer and had practice every day for an hour or so during the week, plus games…sometimes even on the weekends. I think it’s safe to say I got my fair share of good exercise.

Anyways, I started college the same year I graduated and my eating habits didn’t change, but my exercise did. By my junior year, I weighed about 150 lbs, people always tell me I didn’t look like it, but to me, I did. Anyways, that was about 9 lbs over what I should’ve weighed.

One day around Christmas time, my entire family decided that all of us could use to drop a few pounds. At the beginning of 2014, my family and I started exercising 5 days a week, eating healthier and lighter but also not depriving ourselves if we wanted a treat here and there. Between all of this, I lost 25-30 lbs which put me in healthy weight range.

Now, towards the first part of 2015, I still weigh 120 lbs, have kept weight off and everything…However, I still sometimes see myself as being bigger. I have an issue with bloating and am currently trying to figure out why, but because of this issue, I feel uncomfortable and sometimes like I don’t even want people looking at me…I feel like they see what I see. In my eyes, I do everything I should…I eat healthy, no fast food, I don’t drink a lot of soda, I stick to water, coffee and tea and exercise 5 times a week for at least an hour each day.

As I look back on things now, I was more confident when I weighed 150 lbs because I wasn’t concerned about anything. Trying to stick with eating healthy and exercising when you feel like it’s not helping is extremely hard and my struggle is constant, it is very rare that I get relief. Currently, I am considering lactose intolerance because it runs in my family or digestive issues… I really to the point of I don’t know what to do anymore.

My point here though is that I’m not fat, I am healthy, even though I sometimes don’t feel like it. Keeping tis in my head is my biggest challenge right now and I want inspire other people who may feel the same way that it’s okay, everyone goes through their own struggles.

Personally, I think curves are beautiful and there are all different shapes and sizes.

And if you feel good in your body and have that confidence, then I admire you and I hope that you never let someone else take that confidence away from you! It’s a hard thing to earn back.

Thanks for reading Ladybugs and Manbugs 🙂 and want you to know that all of you are beautiful/handsome in my mind!

Stay confident! 🙂

Tip: The photo above is my weight loss progress. May I was 150 lbs and October I was 120 lbs.


Moral for Today: You’re really not promised tomorrow!

Hello Bugs! I went through a small, yet, traumatic experience the other day and decided to share it with everyone as a way of letting my readers know that you really don’t know what can happen. It’s very true that you don’t know when it could be the last time you may talk or see someone.

On Monday, March 16th, 2015, my mother and I were casually walking into a Wal Mart. Upon getting out of our car, we see a car flying down the aisles of the parking lot. As the guy went by us, my mom proceeds to yell out “stupid,” which I wouldn’t expect any less from her. We paid him no other mind and continued walking to the entrance. Right before walking inside, we see the guy again manically driving around the lot. This time, however, he proceeds to drive on the sidewalk and attempted to run over two girls walking in front of a few shops. He also almost hit the building in the process and then proceeds to back up on the sidewalk going about 50 miles an hour which lead to him almost hitting the Wal Mart building.

After that he sped off through the parking lot and then left. At this point, everyone was extremely shocked and freaked out. My mom called the police to report him and found out someone else had turned him as well.

During the moment he was speeding all around after attempting to basically commit murder, all I could think really was oh my goodness, he’s going to kill someone, a child, and at any moment, he could come running on the sidewalk where my mom and I are standing and we may not be able to get out of the way fast enough!

It was a very frightening experience. At this time, I do not know if he has been caught or if he’s still speeding around.

This experience really showed me that sometimes people really are lost and need guidance. It also made me see even more that nobody is guaranteed tomorrow or the days after that…

I just want to make sure that everyone knows to let people know you care about them and always be aware of what’s going on around you.

I know this was a short post, but thanks for reading Ladybugs and Manbugs!

Be safe!

Top 10 Horror Movies (Part 2)

Since this is part 2 of my top 10 horror movies list, I will start off with number 6. If you’re reading this, be sure to check out part 1 so that you don’t miss any good films 🙂

  1. Ghost Ship *** (3)

This movie is a few years old, being released in 2002, however, it i definitely one of my favorites.

The storyline is about a group of people, explorers really… who hunt for abandoned and sunken ships and treaures out in the ocean. They run into a guy in a bar one night who knows of their work and has found a boat that he thinks they might be interested in. While they are skeptical of the job, they accept but te guy insist that he go with them and also gets a cut of whatever it is they might find in the depths.

As in most plots, everything weird starts to present itself once they find the abandoned boat they were looking for. As each of the crew members are picked off one by one, a frightening twist is revealed with the help of a probably unwanted and unlikely visitor.

While this movie doesn’t keep you on edge, it does have surprises you didn’t see coming.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes flicks that you have to figure out as you go along.

  1. I Spit on Your Grave **** (4)

There are two versions of this movie. One is older being made in the 70s, the other was released in 2010. I have seen both and personally think they are both good, but if I had to choose, the 2010 ersion is better as far as graphics go since it’s newer.

A basic summary of this without giving away too much is a woman decides to stay out in a cabin in the middle of no where in order to write a book (she is a writer). Her thoughts are, of course, it’s going to be peaceful and quiet and a perfect place to get her work done and relax along the way. However, once she gets out there, relaxation is far from what she recieves.

She begins being tormented by a group of redneck boys who don’t take no for an answer. Their sick torture “game” is the entire first half of the movie. Warning: it is very graphic!

The second half is really the reason why I added this movie to the list. However, I will give you another warning…this half is even more gruesome than the first. The reason is because the traumatized girl shows her backbone and gets her revenge on the boys who made part of her life hell and let me say…she gets them good!

Special Hint: This is supposed to be based on a true story.

  1. Evil Dead ****(4)

Like I spit on Your Grave, this movie is a remake of a 1970s version. The storyline for both movies is pretty much the same, but of course, the 2013 version is better graphics wise and has a better quality.

A group of friends stay in a cabin owned by one of their families. The whole reason they go is an intervention program for one of the kids, so of course in the middle of the woods seems like a perfect spot.

Upon arriving, everyone decided to go exploring. In the cellar of the cabin, they come across what appears to be creepy voodoo type items and books. While checking out one of the books found, one of the guys in the group accidently and unknowingly releases an unspeakable evil that begins to haunt and attack the group in different ways. It targets one person in particular which is the beginning of more gory horror.

I have both versions and I definitely prefer the newer version due to how more realistic it looks. I would recommend either movie as far as creepiness goes, however, if you’re looking for something with a little more adrenaline and gore, I’d say go for the 2013 version.

  1. 13 Ghosts ****(4)

13 Ghosts is a bit of an older movie, being release in 2001, but I still find this movie pretty freaky and weird.

It’s about a guy and his family earning an expensive home and EVERYTHING in it due to a death in the family. The guy’s uncle, who died, was a collector of unique and different things which includes spirits lurking around every corner.

As the name suggest, there are 13 spirits in the house and when the family moves in, the spirits are not as welcoming as the family would hope. A crazy twist is that the family can only see the spirits through these special glasses and there’s not enough for everyone.

One the ghosts start to violently attack, the only hope for the family to get out alive is to use the glasses and fight the spirits off to the best of their abilities.

For me, the scariest parts are when you don’t know where the spirits are. Because of this, there are ghosts popping up when you least expect it.

I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes a few adrenaline rushes during movies and to those of you who just like to be scared a little.

  1. Dead Silence ****(4)

The legend in this movie is based around an old woman (Mary Shaw) who is a ventriloquist. Once she dies, her legend and dolls live on in a not so good way.

The movie starts off with a couple who receives one of Mary’s “dummies.” Although the woman is unaware of who sent the doll, she displays it in her bedroom. After receiving the strange gift, something terribly gruesome happens in the home leaving the legend alive and a few others fighting to save theirs as they try to break the supposed curse.

As said earlier, parts in the movie are pretty gory, not too bad though. The creepy factor on the other hand is a seven on the scale. If you like thrills and chills and don’t mind a little blood, this movie is a good choice for you.

Grab some popcorn, a blanket and probably a friend or significant other to hide behind lol.

Now that I have shared my top 10 with everyone, I decided to add some honorable mentions too. These are movies that were good but just didn’t make the cut. Feel free to watch trailers of any of the movies listed. If you watch any of them I suggested, leave me comment and tell me what you thought!

A Nightmare on Elm Street (classic – 10+ movies total)

Halloween (classic – 10+ movies total)

Friday the 13th (kind of ironic I’m posting this on Friday the 13th lol) (classic – 10+ movies total)

See No Evil (2 movies)

I know What you Did Last Summer (3 movies)

Stay Alive

IT (Stephen King)

Cold Creek Manor

Maximum Overdrive (Stephen King)

The Woman in Black (2 movies)

As Above so Below

Dracula – I love the legend of Dracula and know the whole real story but haven’t found a good movie yet. If you would like to hear the legend I found, let me know.

Also if there are any movies not on this list that you would like to suggest to me, I will gladly take a good scary movie to watch J

Thanks for reading Ladybugs and Manbugs! J