TV Show Update: American Horror Story

As I said that I would, I am making this post as a way of keeping my readers updated. In my first post about TV shows I watch, I stated that I wanted to start watching American Horror Story. I finally made the time to start watching it and have made it completely through the first season.

American Horror Story is a different type of show. Each season has a different storyline and so far, I have figured out that season one has absolutely nothing to do with season two. The only thing the two have in common is the actors who confusingly play different characters in each season.

With that, I will give an overview of what each season is about.

Season one is based around a house, which is the first thing you see in the first episode. There is a lot of weird history that comes with this house. When a family of three decides to buy the house, dark secrets begin to emerge and each episode has twist and turns that will shock you.

Personally, this season is very graphic, honestly, I would’ve skipped this entire season had I known it had no connection with season two. I bet your wondering why I say this, so I will go ahead and warn you. There is a lot of “adult” scenes which I don’t particularly care to watch, o if your like me, I suggest you skip this season altogether. Trust me, starting with season two will not confuse you.

I like season two a lot better even though there are still some sketchy scenes. It’s no where near as bad as season one.

Season two’s storyline is based around a mental institution, in fact, the full title of the show is American Horror Story: Asylum. The basic summary is the show tells the story behind the walls of the ward and shows what goes on to the patients behind closed doors. Each person has a story to tell and for the main characters, their stories as to how they got there are told in the first few episodes.

I’m only about 4-5 episodes in as of right now. Once I watch more, I will update everyone as I go along.

Thanks for reading Ladybugs and Manbugs 🙂


4 thoughts on “TV Show Update: American Horror Story

  1. I love this.

    I enjoyed most of season one. It did freak me out though.

    I haven’t watched the second or third season yet. I’ll stay tuned to see how you like them.

    I watched Freak Show, season four, while it aired on TV. It was pretty interesting.

    Now, I am REALLY excited for season five. It was just revealed yesterday that Lady Gaga would be in season five and the theme is “hotel”. I think that one is going to be amazing! I hope October hurries!


    1. So I take it that most of the season don’t go together? I guess I just find it weird lol. But so far I like the second season, keeps you thinking so I can’t wait to get to the end to figure things out.
      So far none of them have freaked me out however, when I get to Freak Show, clowns will be my nightmares!


      1. Oh, I understand completely. My husband is terrified of clowns and almost couldn’t watch it. However, that one even made me feel sick to my stomach sometimes. Then once you really get into the season, you can’t help but feel sad.


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