What a promise looks like.

The idea of a promise ring has been recently brought up in conversations between my boyfriend Chris and I. While we have not yet been together a year, neither of us object to the idea like some people would. Much like another post I made, some people would say we are moving too quickly and that a promise ring is not a good idea or we should wait… I believe this is because of what most people think a promise ring means.

I’ve always heard that a promise ring symbolizes that one is promising the other that they will get married one day (in general terms), however, I have discovered that that’s not always the case…that’s not the only meaning it carries.

I have learned of people getting purity promise rings and of mothers getting their daughters a ring that matches with hers or even fathers getting their daughters one as a symbol for love. I even have a coworker who received a ring for her 16th birthday then another for her 21st from her parents.

Promise rings can also be worn on different fingers depending on what they symbolize.

In Chris and I’s case, more than likely if he were to give me a promise ring, I would wear it on my left ring finger because we have discussed the possibility that we may marry each other one day. Which would be one reason he would give it to me in the first place. In our defense, we have known each other almost a year because we were friends before we decided to date. Also our one year will be coming up in the next few months. Anyways, to me some of the other reasons why I would accept a promise ring early on is because it could symbolize him always being there for me, always being supportive, encouraging and caring. Plus it will be a while before we actually decided to get engaged and later married so a promise would simply be like our way of expressing our love until that time comes.

Now, do I need a ring for that, no, but that’s how Chris is and of course it is a very sweet gesture. With that, I am not asking him to pay every penny on a promise ring if he decides to do that. I let him know early on that I didn’t want anything expensive. Recently, he has asked me to give him an example of something I’d like, which he knows, but he asked because I am different about jewelry, I love vintage things so I told him I would something that is unique and incorporates both of us somehow. He chose the color blue since it is my favorite and I chose a princess cut because he calls me his princess. There are a few other details but they would be hard for my lovely readers to understand without pictures 🙂 plus it’s a little early to give out some details anyways.

The point here was really to show you that it doesn’t matter what other people think or say. People are quick to judge, it’s how the world is now. I have learned that no matter what you do in the world, good or bad, people will talk and you can’t please everyone all the time.

When and if the time comes, I will gladly accept a promise ring from my loving boyfriend and wear it every single day very proudly! ❤

Thanks for reading ladybugs and manbugs 🙂


3 thoughts on “What a promise looks like.

  1. Love this. Joe (my fiance) and I were engaged just after a year, moved in together after 9 months (albeit with his parents) and we’re going on 4 years together and really planning our lives. Our engagement was more of a commitment than a road to marriage.
    At the end of the day, you sound like you’re both happy and content in your relationship. Please don’t let anyone take that away from you.


    1. I love it when I hear of other couples that have great relationships! 🙂 and I know of a couple people who are very much happy just being together and living together without being married. Chris and I have been together almost a year and we’ve been talking of marriage eventually. No rush of course and I think that the promise ring is our way of making that commitment. I hear a lot of “you’re so young” and “you have time” and all. Which is true, but you never know when your going to find someone special. I have cousins that have been together since they were 13 and are still strong now in their late 50s. It’s so nice to read comments from non judgement all people, I very much appreciate your encouragement 🙂

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      1. I truly believe that if it’s meant to be it will be, whether you’re married, living together or just together. Nothing makes something more solid.
        Thank you 🙂 I couldn’t be happier with Joe – you’ll hear about him from time to time in my posts.
        Stay happy! And don’t ever let people doubting your relationship to start influencing the way you feel.

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