Hello 2015!

In honor of the coming of another New Year, I am posting probably the most understated and cliche thing any human can express….a New Year’s Resolution.

I’ve honestly never been one to really say I have a resolution or a goal I desired to accomplish. Last year, I had the same goal everyone else did, lose a few pounds and I am very proud to say that I achieved that! This year, I have a different, more important plan for myself. With 2014 coming to and end and 2015 just kicking off, I have every intention of trying harder to see my friends more often and to spend time with them when I can and to make more time when I am struggling. To contact them as much as possible and let them know that I am still here and still care. In 2014, I will admit, I failed to do these things as much as I wanted to and gave myself the excuse of school and work, which being in college and working, sometimes it does get hard to fill in blank spaces in your day to day calender. With that, I am not promising myself to see my friends and family as much as I want to, but to try harder to make them a bigger part of my life because I know that I will be busy and will have homework and sometimes will just want some time to take a breather and that’s okay!

Now that I have spoke my mind and told everyone what I am planning for my New Year, I encourage others to find a unique resolution, something that means more to you than some silly weight loss target. Look beyond that!

And when someone asks you what change you are making in the New Year, you can look at them and be proud of the words that you are about to speak. ❤

Thanks for reading Ladybugs and Manbugs 🙂

Happy New Year and be safe!


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