Dating someone older than you (girls perspective).

Hello my ladybugs and manbugs (if you’re reading)!

I decided to write this post today as a way to give a little relationship advice, but my point here will be basically why I never said I would never date someone more than 3 years older than me and why I changed my mind! I would also like to add real quick that the image you see above is my current boyfriend, Chris, and I. 🙂

In high school, I always told myself that I would never date someone more than 3 years older than me, my high school sweetheart ( I am no longer with him) was only 2 years older than me, while me and him are still friends, we decided mutually that a relationship was just not for us and it took us a long time to figure it out. I do not consider him a waste of my time though, some people are blessings and some are lessons. I have had my fair share of lessons, but that’s okay because you need to tell you what you want. No relationship is ever a failure in my opinion.

Anyways, In February of this year, I made the bold decision to try out a dating website which I was very skeptical of at first and wasn’t expecting to get much out of at all. I tried 2 different sites actually, POF and OkCupid. I had a couple conversations which a few different people which most turned out with very little luck! I actually did wind up meeting one guy and he seemed very interested in me but I was not very interested in him ( I had good reasons). POF was pretty much a hopeless cause for me.

After a few days of being on OkCupid, this random guy messaged me. He was cute however and through scoping out his profile, it seemed like we had a lot in common. However, he was 25 years old and I was 20 at the time so I was even more skeptical, but I thought I would give the guy a break, like I said he seemed nice. I messaged him back saying hello and told him my name like he did me but got no response back that night which I didn’t think much of. The next day, I went about my usual school and work routine and returned home. While relaxing a little that night, I got another message on OkCupid from, we’ll call him simple plan fan because that’s what his name was on the site. Simple plan fan responded back to me which I later found out that he didn’t want to scare me away by seeming to eager.

That first initial conversation was actually very easy. We had no problem keeping conversation. We talked for about 4-5 hours that night and at the end of our convo, we only knew about 2 simple things about each other which was types of music we liked and the fact the we both liked soccer. I had never a connection with someone like I did with this guy. The next day we talked again after I got off of work. I was so excited about this guy that I just had to tell my best friend about him. I also found out his real name. When I told my best friend, Billie Jean, who he was, she knew him and knew he was a good guy which made me feel a lot better. I also creeped on his Facebook page lol ( no judgement). His profile picture made me giggle 🙂

Well, simple plan fan and I talked for about 2 weeks before actually meeting in person. We met at a Mardi Gras parade in Downtown Mobile which is my hometown. When I first saw him, I felt this huge urge to just give him a hug lol so I did and he also brought me a pretty pink rose and chocolate covered strawberries! What a first impression right! We had a lot of fun that night and from that point on, he met my mom and I at almost every parade we had downtown.

Our first official date together was another parade first, dinner, then an event called Glowrage that comes to Mobile every few months. Glowrage is a neon paint dance party. You go and dance to electronic dance music and get covered in water-based paint lol, pretty fun! I was pretty embarrassed and shy about dancing with him and all, but I in a way broke the ice a little bit by making the bold move of squirting paint in his hair! We both relaxed a little bit after that and had a great time dancing with each other. When we left at 2 a.m. lol, he held my hand walking to his car 🙂 From that point on, we hung out, talked and all even more! We clicked with each other!

Now for the big reveal, simple plan fan was/is my current boyfriend Chris 🙂

Chris and I talked and hung out together for about 2 months before he asked me to be his girlfriend! He did it very special too by taking me to my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, then he took me a little coffee place over in Fairhope, which is where he is from, then we walked around the Fairhope pier. There’s this beautiful fountain by the pier and in front of that pier is where he asked me to be his girlfriend and where we shared our first kiss 🙂

Today we have almost been together 8 months and let me say that giving him a chance was the best decision I ever made! I love his family, they have always been very welcoming and loving. And Chris and I work so well together on many levels, he treats me like I am the only thing that matters and does what he can which I do what I can for him as well. It’s the right kind of give and take.

The point here was the age thing though, and I honestly have to say that I love being with someone older than me, such as Chris. It is true that girls mature faster than guys, at least most of the time and with Chris being 5 years older than me, our maturity levels match up pretty good. Sure we have differences, which is healthy, but I have never once thought in our relationship, “wow he needs to grow up,” or anything along those lines.

Older guys probably aren’t for everyone, I know that but if you’re a girl and you’ve had your fair share of guys that acted out in the wrong ways, try an older man, you might be surprised just like I was!

Thanks for reading ladybugs 🙂 (and some manbugs)!


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