What do you watch on TV?

Hello Bugs! 🙂

Today this post is just for some fun! I decided to tell all of you what TV shows I like to watch, what they are about and why I like them. My list is in no certain order, it would just be too hard for me to pick an order for them lol.

1. Pretty Little Lairs – I know what most of my manbug readers are thinking… “I saw that coming” right? This show started with 5 friends, with one supposedly being in a box and being put 6 feet under and the other 4 are harassed by someone all of us “Liars” know as A while they try to figure out who killed their friend, thinking of course A had something to do with it. The show is about the struggle these 4 girls go through with surprising twists, bad cliffhangers and some tragedies that will leave viewers jaws dropping. Well I have kept up with the series ever since it first came on a few years ago, it keeps me on the edge of my seat and throws everything you’re thinking right off that radar. Every theory I have had has turned out to be wrong, literally! The show was also nominated best Drama.

2. Chasing Life –  This show has only had one season so far but so far has been very intriguing. Since it is still early on into the show, I can’t say too much, but basically the show is about a 24 year old girl who, out of no where, finds out she has cancer in the least expected way by the least expected person. So far it has been about her and her struggle with the news and her trying to live her life as normal as possible. If you like drama with a little sadness and realistic views about life then this is for you. I was actually skeptical on watching it, but I watched that first episode and was instantly hooked. The winter premier is coming up soon and I am excited!

3. Justified – I have watched 3 seasons out of 5 of this because I started watching it a little late and haven’t caught up yet. Anyways, this is about a US Deputy Marshall and is set in Kentucky. Has a country tone to it a little but is basically about the Marshall and his life and what he deals with. Each season has had a different plot all based around the Marshall and the end of seasons doesn’t roll over to the next one but they do tie into together. Something big has always gone down in the last episode. This one is a little difficult to explain but if you want to know more Wiki has a good description. A friend got me into this show a few years ago and I have kept up with ever since. This has more of a crime setting which is interesting and has a lot of action and fighting in it. I do have to say though that it is a bit more predictable than my other shows. This is not on Netflix so I watch it on DVD.

4. Gotham – This one just started this year so it’s still early on in the show. If you haven’t made the correlation yet, this is based off the Batman movies but shows everyone before they turn into the characters in the movies. For instance, right now, Bruce Wayne aka Batman is still a young boy but it shows how each character got to become who they are in the movies. I am a fan of the Batman series so i find this very compelling and interesting to see what happened to all the people. However, the show doesn’t just give the characters away, throughout watching it, viewers have to figure out who is who, so far I have only figured out 3 characters, not including Batman of course and have a theory on another character. Of course we all know how many demons Batman faces in the movies so 3 is only a small portion and if you know the movies, you know there is action. I actually just found out last night that the finale is next week too!

5. Sleepy Hollow – As most of you would probably guess about this one, it is taken from the 1999 film “Sleepy Hollow.” I might need a slight refresher on the movie since it’s been quite a while since I have watched it. The show is now on season 2 and the concept is similar to the movie with a lot of the same characters so far…wouldn’t be Sleepy Hollow without Ichabod Crane now would it. Anyways, this is more modern day though for Crane is working with a police officer in order to save Sleepy Hollow from supernatural forces. When I first saw the advertisement for it, I was instantly thinking I have got to watch that. the story-line shot off quickly and has not slowed down since. For this, it is so secretive and spellbinding that you really have no theories because you don’t know what to think. This is definitely an attention-getter and keeps you on edge. The first season had a big cliff-hanger and the second season will be soon coming to an end.

6. Dexter – This show is a little on the weird side lol. It’s classified as a TV show. Dexter is a blood spatter analysts but his alter ego is he is a serial killer who “disposes” of people he thinks deserves it. His mindset is he is doing the world a favor. It’s a big mind game really and once again, most of what you’re thinking is the exact opposite of what happens. I’ve only gotten almost through season 2 but what I’ve seen so far has got me even more excited to see what comes next in this crime drama. Watched on Netflix.

7. The Killing – The first and second seasons of this as actually titled “Who Killed Rosie Larson.” This is another crime show based around one particular cop. The first and second seasons were about her and her partner trying to find out who killed a young teenager, Rosie Larson, and why. A lot goes down and throws you off on who killed Rosie and it really leads you all over the place. I am only on season 3 and haven’t gotten far enough into it to really tell whats going on, but this is definitely a great crime show if you like those kind of shows. It’s not very popular though which is very surprising to me.

8. Supernatural – If I absolutely ever had to pick an all time favorite show, I believe this would be it. Supernatural is about 2 brothers who fight off spirits and other creatures that cause trouble such as witches, demons, etc. The show starts off quick, gets right into the action and fighting, there is a lot of this is the show. There is currently 9 seasons, I think there will be 10 total though.  A lot happens throughout the show and most of it is everything you would least expect it to be or to happen. This is my go to binge watch show really lol, I have watched 7 episodes in 1 day which is easy to do considering I watch this on Netflix!

I also watched all of “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and kept up with The Vineyard and The Lying Game, but if i am not mistaken, both of those were cancelled. And I am thinking of starting Bates Motel and American Horror Story soon!

Hope you enjoyed this and hope I gave you some good TV shows if you don’t watch these already. Thanks for reading ladybugs and manbugs! 🙂


5 thoughts on “What do you watch on TV?

  1. Oh since I saw Pretty Little Liars being the first, I just had to comment! I love that show. The Chasing Life previews that come on after PLL always interested me but I never got around to watching the series, I am assuming it is good?
    Dexter and Supernatural have been suggestions to my husband and I for the longest time. And he LOVES Gotham. I catch it in bits and pieces but I enjoyed it!

    These are great TV shows. Thanks for sharing.
    Currently we are watching American Horror Story!


    1. I am a huge fan of pretty little lairs and yes, Chasing life is very good! To me it has a realistic view about life.
      Both Dexter and Supernatural were suggestions for me but I love them now! I actually just watched a few episodes of Supernatural last night.
      Gotham is good too! It can be confusing if you miss larts though!
      How do you like American Horror Story?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I will look into those series you mentioned now. Thank you! I like American Horror Story, but we came in to the most recent season. We just started watching the first season on Netflix and oh boy, that one is way creepier than the current season. It is good though; it drags you in, but can be slightly scary sometimes. Then again, I’m a wimp when it comes to horror.


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