Christmas in November!

Now I know what most of you reading this is saying and/or thinking to yourself… Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet (almost), it’s not time for Christmas! Believe me I say the same thing when I see Christmas decorations in stores before Halloween has even passed…

Anyways, I made this post today with my mom in mind. First off, let me tell you that I am 21-years-old and an only child in my family so I get treated as such… no I am not spoiled (maybe a little). With that being said, every year around Christmas, my mom asks me what I want for Christmas and for the past few years there hasn’t been much I could think of including this year…yes, she has already asked… and every year, she tells me to make her a list… A LIST!!

Being 21, I think its slightly silly to ask a 21-year-old college student to make her mother a Christmas list… however, because I love my mother, I humor her every year by making one and giving it to her. Usually my list consist of one big thing I have been talking about, clothes/shoes, and a few small things (like movies) that I know my parents won’t buy.

What made me think of writing this post is the fact that I just wrote out my mom a list for this year lol! 🙂 That’s not the point though… my point here is to show you that if you live in a similar (if not the same) situation as me, it’s okay to do silly things for your parents, don’t be ashamed to sit in a college classroom and write down things you’re going to ask “santa” for.

To encourage you a little bit I will put a few petty things on here from my very own list…

1. My big thing (my parents actually gave me the idea) is a 2-in-1 laptop in which you can remove the keyboard if you want, has a touchscreen and more…basically it works as a laptop or tablet. I was nice enough to give them options and gave them prices….lets just say the highest one I have listed is only $400 (they were looking at one that was $1000).

2. I have a pandora bracelet and have about two charms so I asked for another charm.

3. Seat covers for my car ( I need them) but they are hard to find.

4. My usual clothes and one pair of shoes.

5. My mom and I usually get perfume/body spray so I put that down.

This is literally almost my entire list minus like two other small things. I too always ask my parents what they want (or overhear them talking) and I always try my very best to get them something I know they want or would love! I also know that Christmas isn’t about gifts so me and my mom make the best of it every year by cooking together and shopping on black Friday all night long (literally)! Which brings me back to saying once again to humor your parents requests, especially for the holidays, no matter if you’re 15, 21 or 34. I know it will be different when I have children but I will be happy to take them along and share time and will be happy to have them humor me in times like this!

Thanks for reading ladybugs and manbugs! 🙂


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