Tips from a college kid to a college kid

Today I decided to start a post about the life of your average college kid. There will be some phrases that sound a lot like complaints…they are! However, this post is my simple way of trying to help other college kids see they’re not alone and show kids who are thinking of college whats expected to come with entering a university.

For starters, all of us that have been in college for at least a year have heard that we have it easy. My definition of easy is most definitely not have to sit in class or two for an hour or longer five days a week, plus work a part-time minimum wage job for 20 hours a week AND have homework to do! Not to mention a social life and your usual I’m not doing anything, staying in my pajamas for 23 hours kind of day. To those who don’t live this life, it seems like a piece of cake, but I would much rather have a good paying job with benefits that I work eight hours a day, five days a week then come home make dinner and sit on my butt for the rest of night… yes, college will get you there…hopefully…but it’s a long process only a college kid will ever understand!

Being a college student myself, I can tell you I have heard it all… I’ve gotten, “oh you’re so lucky, you get to wake up and go to class whenever you want, ” and the you don’t have to sit in the same lame classes every single day from high school students. While they are right, there is a lot they don’t know. Like the fact that we spend countless hours at night doing work and have stricter deadlines to get it all done. Also, I would much rather sit in the same class everyday and have that time to do my work there and finish it rather than having to run off to another class then sit in the comfort of my house to finish CLASS work!

Don’t let me scare me you though… at least not yet! The point of this was to inform you on a couple things you are probably have the wrong idea about. While there are perks to choosing college, the choice comes with a price much like anything does.

My next college post will be related to the INSANE amounts of work we actually have and the stress that comes with the college life so keep an eye out for that!

Thanks for reading ladybugs and/or manbugs LOL 🙂



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