Give Thanks!! :)

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, I would like to take the time and share with everyone the things I am thankful for!

First off, I know a lot of people post things they’re thankful for and encourage others to do the same. While I would like to encourage you as well, you don’t have to let the world know everything you are thankful for as long as you know what you are thankful for and are proud of it. With that being said, I am going to tell you my top 3 things.

1. I am thankful for my family and friends. They are my support system and are there when I need it or just when I want to see a smile. A lot of my close friends are my family and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am very grateful for my parents as well. My mom is one of my closest friends in my life, we do a lot together and both my mom and dad are supportive and do what parents should. I am also an only child so having close friends has always been a thing for me, in fact I have a few close girl friends that are really more like sisters to me. I love each and every one of them and wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have them in my life.

2. I am very thankful for my family to grow by being welcomed as part of a new family. Chris’s (my boyfriend) family has always been very accepting and welcoming to me ever since the day I met them. They make me feel like I am part of their family and I know in my heart that I am always welcome. I am greeted with smiles and hugs every time I walk in the door. His mother always greets me with hugs and glad to have yous and his nieces and nephews are latched onto my legs the second I step through the doorway! That is something so special to me that I just don’t have words for it.

3. Last but not least, I am grateful to be able to go to a great school that way I can earn a degree and hopefully one day have a great job doing something I love. If I am able to do so then I will be able to support my own special family one day which I my biggest dream…having a family of my own!

I hope that with my few words today that I inspired someone to be grateful for the things they have and work for the things they want!

Thanks for reading Ladybugs and Manbugs! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving all! This year I get to spend mine with both of my families! 😀 ❤ (Be safe if you black Friday shop as well).


Dating someone older than you (girls perspective).

Hello my ladybugs and manbugs (if you’re reading)!

I decided to write this post today as a way to give a little relationship advice, but my point here will be basically why I never said I would never date someone more than 3 years older than me and why I changed my mind! I would also like to add real quick that the image you see above is my current boyfriend, Chris, and I. 🙂

In high school, I always told myself that I would never date someone more than 3 years older than me, my high school sweetheart ( I am no longer with him) was only 2 years older than me, while me and him are still friends, we decided mutually that a relationship was just not for us and it took us a long time to figure it out. I do not consider him a waste of my time though, some people are blessings and some are lessons. I have had my fair share of lessons, but that’s okay because you need to tell you what you want. No relationship is ever a failure in my opinion.

Anyways, In February of this year, I made the bold decision to try out a dating website which I was very skeptical of at first and wasn’t expecting to get much out of at all. I tried 2 different sites actually, POF and OkCupid. I had a couple conversations which a few different people which most turned out with very little luck! I actually did wind up meeting one guy and he seemed very interested in me but I was not very interested in him ( I had good reasons). POF was pretty much a hopeless cause for me.

After a few days of being on OkCupid, this random guy messaged me. He was cute however and through scoping out his profile, it seemed like we had a lot in common. However, he was 25 years old and I was 20 at the time so I was even more skeptical, but I thought I would give the guy a break, like I said he seemed nice. I messaged him back saying hello and told him my name like he did me but got no response back that night which I didn’t think much of. The next day, I went about my usual school and work routine and returned home. While relaxing a little that night, I got another message on OkCupid from, we’ll call him simple plan fan because that’s what his name was on the site. Simple plan fan responded back to me which I later found out that he didn’t want to scare me away by seeming to eager.

That first initial conversation was actually very easy. We had no problem keeping conversation. We talked for about 4-5 hours that night and at the end of our convo, we only knew about 2 simple things about each other which was types of music we liked and the fact the we both liked soccer. I had never a connection with someone like I did with this guy. The next day we talked again after I got off of work. I was so excited about this guy that I just had to tell my best friend about him. I also found out his real name. When I told my best friend, Billie Jean, who he was, she knew him and knew he was a good guy which made me feel a lot better. I also creeped on his Facebook page lol ( no judgement). His profile picture made me giggle 🙂

Well, simple plan fan and I talked for about 2 weeks before actually meeting in person. We met at a Mardi Gras parade in Downtown Mobile which is my hometown. When I first saw him, I felt this huge urge to just give him a hug lol so I did and he also brought me a pretty pink rose and chocolate covered strawberries! What a first impression right! We had a lot of fun that night and from that point on, he met my mom and I at almost every parade we had downtown.

Our first official date together was another parade first, dinner, then an event called Glowrage that comes to Mobile every few months. Glowrage is a neon paint dance party. You go and dance to electronic dance music and get covered in water-based paint lol, pretty fun! I was pretty embarrassed and shy about dancing with him and all, but I in a way broke the ice a little bit by making the bold move of squirting paint in his hair! We both relaxed a little bit after that and had a great time dancing with each other. When we left at 2 a.m. lol, he held my hand walking to his car 🙂 From that point on, we hung out, talked and all even more! We clicked with each other!

Now for the big reveal, simple plan fan was/is my current boyfriend Chris 🙂

Chris and I talked and hung out together for about 2 months before he asked me to be his girlfriend! He did it very special too by taking me to my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, then he took me a little coffee place over in Fairhope, which is where he is from, then we walked around the Fairhope pier. There’s this beautiful fountain by the pier and in front of that pier is where he asked me to be his girlfriend and where we shared our first kiss 🙂

Today we have almost been together 8 months and let me say that giving him a chance was the best decision I ever made! I love his family, they have always been very welcoming and loving. And Chris and I work so well together on many levels, he treats me like I am the only thing that matters and does what he can which I do what I can for him as well. It’s the right kind of give and take.

The point here was the age thing though, and I honestly have to say that I love being with someone older than me, such as Chris. It is true that girls mature faster than guys, at least most of the time and with Chris being 5 years older than me, our maturity levels match up pretty good. Sure we have differences, which is healthy, but I have never once thought in our relationship, “wow he needs to grow up,” or anything along those lines.

Older guys probably aren’t for everyone, I know that but if you’re a girl and you’ve had your fair share of guys that acted out in the wrong ways, try an older man, you might be surprised just like I was!

Thanks for reading ladybugs 🙂 (and some manbugs)!

What do you watch on TV?

Hello Bugs! 🙂

Today this post is just for some fun! I decided to tell all of you what TV shows I like to watch, what they are about and why I like them. My list is in no certain order, it would just be too hard for me to pick an order for them lol.

1. Pretty Little Lairs – I know what most of my manbug readers are thinking… “I saw that coming” right? This show started with 5 friends, with one supposedly being in a box and being put 6 feet under and the other 4 are harassed by someone all of us “Liars” know as A while they try to figure out who killed their friend, thinking of course A had something to do with it. The show is about the struggle these 4 girls go through with surprising twists, bad cliffhangers and some tragedies that will leave viewers jaws dropping. Well I have kept up with the series ever since it first came on a few years ago, it keeps me on the edge of my seat and throws everything you’re thinking right off that radar. Every theory I have had has turned out to be wrong, literally! The show was also nominated best Drama.

2. Chasing Life –  This show has only had one season so far but so far has been very intriguing. Since it is still early on into the show, I can’t say too much, but basically the show is about a 24 year old girl who, out of no where, finds out she has cancer in the least expected way by the least expected person. So far it has been about her and her struggle with the news and her trying to live her life as normal as possible. If you like drama with a little sadness and realistic views about life then this is for you. I was actually skeptical on watching it, but I watched that first episode and was instantly hooked. The winter premier is coming up soon and I am excited!

3. Justified – I have watched 3 seasons out of 5 of this because I started watching it a little late and haven’t caught up yet. Anyways, this is about a US Deputy Marshall and is set in Kentucky. Has a country tone to it a little but is basically about the Marshall and his life and what he deals with. Each season has had a different plot all based around the Marshall and the end of seasons doesn’t roll over to the next one but they do tie into together. Something big has always gone down in the last episode. This one is a little difficult to explain but if you want to know more Wiki has a good description. A friend got me into this show a few years ago and I have kept up with ever since. This has more of a crime setting which is interesting and has a lot of action and fighting in it. I do have to say though that it is a bit more predictable than my other shows. This is not on Netflix so I watch it on DVD.

4. Gotham – This one just started this year so it’s still early on in the show. If you haven’t made the correlation yet, this is based off the Batman movies but shows everyone before they turn into the characters in the movies. For instance, right now, Bruce Wayne aka Batman is still a young boy but it shows how each character got to become who they are in the movies. I am a fan of the Batman series so i find this very compelling and interesting to see what happened to all the people. However, the show doesn’t just give the characters away, throughout watching it, viewers have to figure out who is who, so far I have only figured out 3 characters, not including Batman of course and have a theory on another character. Of course we all know how many demons Batman faces in the movies so 3 is only a small portion and if you know the movies, you know there is action. I actually just found out last night that the finale is next week too!

5. Sleepy Hollow – As most of you would probably guess about this one, it is taken from the 1999 film “Sleepy Hollow.” I might need a slight refresher on the movie since it’s been quite a while since I have watched it. The show is now on season 2 and the concept is similar to the movie with a lot of the same characters so far…wouldn’t be Sleepy Hollow without Ichabod Crane now would it. Anyways, this is more modern day though for Crane is working with a police officer in order to save Sleepy Hollow from supernatural forces. When I first saw the advertisement for it, I was instantly thinking I have got to watch that. the story-line shot off quickly and has not slowed down since. For this, it is so secretive and spellbinding that you really have no theories because you don’t know what to think. This is definitely an attention-getter and keeps you on edge. The first season had a big cliff-hanger and the second season will be soon coming to an end.

6. Dexter – This show is a little on the weird side lol. It’s classified as a TV show. Dexter is a blood spatter analysts but his alter ego is he is a serial killer who “disposes” of people he thinks deserves it. His mindset is he is doing the world a favor. It’s a big mind game really and once again, most of what you’re thinking is the exact opposite of what happens. I’ve only gotten almost through season 2 but what I’ve seen so far has got me even more excited to see what comes next in this crime drama. Watched on Netflix.

7. The Killing – The first and second seasons of this as actually titled “Who Killed Rosie Larson.” This is another crime show based around one particular cop. The first and second seasons were about her and her partner trying to find out who killed a young teenager, Rosie Larson, and why. A lot goes down and throws you off on who killed Rosie and it really leads you all over the place. I am only on season 3 and haven’t gotten far enough into it to really tell whats going on, but this is definitely a great crime show if you like those kind of shows. It’s not very popular though which is very surprising to me.

8. Supernatural – If I absolutely ever had to pick an all time favorite show, I believe this would be it. Supernatural is about 2 brothers who fight off spirits and other creatures that cause trouble such as witches, demons, etc. The show starts off quick, gets right into the action and fighting, there is a lot of this is the show. There is currently 9 seasons, I think there will be 10 total though.  A lot happens throughout the show and most of it is everything you would least expect it to be or to happen. This is my go to binge watch show really lol, I have watched 7 episodes in 1 day which is easy to do considering I watch this on Netflix!

I also watched all of “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” and kept up with The Vineyard and The Lying Game, but if i am not mistaken, both of those were cancelled. And I am thinking of starting Bates Motel and American Horror Story soon!

Hope you enjoyed this and hope I gave you some good TV shows if you don’t watch these already. Thanks for reading ladybugs and manbugs! 🙂

Stress of college and managing it!

Here is my second post dealing with tips and stories about school and college. First off, if you haven’t read my “Tips from a college kid to a college kid” post, I would read that one before this one.

Let me start this off by telling you exactly what my weekly schedule has been this semester…college classes are either 50 min three days a week or an hour and 15 min two days a week, there are other classes that are slightly different as well but I won’t get into that.

On Mondays, I have a class at 9:05 a.m then another one following at 10:10 a.m. Right after my classes, I try to eat some lunch before I got to work from 11:50 a.m. until 3 p.m. Fortunately I have nothing after that unless I decide to workout for an hour which I normally do.

On Tuesdays, I have a lab class from 9 a.m. until 10:50 a.m., this class is longer because it’s only one day a week. I also usually get my work done by at least 10:30 and can leave after that. Following that I have another class at 11 a.m. until 12:15 p.m. After my classes I go do my workout, eat then get ready to go to work from 3:30  until 8 p.m. I watch other people’s kids while they workout in our campus rec center, believe me, I love children but most days when I work this shift (every Tue.)  want to pull my hair out! Anyways, I am literally on campus for like 12 hours out of my day!

On Wednesdays, I have the same classes as I do on Mondays, but following my 10:10 class, I meet with my editor (I write for my school magazine as well) and  I also have another class at noon that last until 2:30 p.m. (once again only one day a week). After my classes, I normally do my workout and probably run errands with my mom. I can relax after that though and I usually get to do so with my boyfriend, Chris 🙂

On Thursdays, luckily I only have one class which is my 11 a.m. until 12:15 p.m. class, of course after that, i do my usual workout-eat routine before going to work from 3-10 p.m., I am once again on campus for 12 hours of my day and 7 of those are at work. My co-workers make it fun though, we all joke, share food and laugh. Believe me, once I get home, I am in my bed!

On Fridays, I once again have the same 9:05 and 10:10 classes. I usually eat lunch with my mom on Fridays too (she works in the same building I do on campus). After I eat, if I feel like it, I will workout, but I also go to work from 3-6 p.m. Also, I usually do something on Friday night too whether it be getting into something with Chris, relaxing with Chris or getting into something with friends.

I don’t work in the rec center on weekends thankfully, however when it’s my week to write something for the magazine, I am usually spending my Saturday covering an event and writing my story, whatever I don’t finish, I do on Sunday and turn it in. I am also usually with Chris on Saturday nights and Sundays which I try to relax as much as possible but sometimes it’s not so easy.

Enough of my day by day boring schedule lol. My point here is I KNOW STRESS! As you can see, I am always doing something…on top of everything I do, I have homework and projects as well and one of my classes requires me to film, edit and write a script on an event every 2 weeks, I’ve done 4 since the end of August and have one more due (my final) in a little less than a month.

Which brings me to tests and finals week! High schoolers, EQTs, grad exams and the ACT literally have nothing on finals week in college. Finals are our EQT tests but are harder and require hours of study time and most of the time all of your classes have one in the SAME WEEK! This is the time we college kids PRIORITIZE…meaning we study more for the classes we care about more or think we need more. Let me just add that coffee is my best friend during this time! But…I am an avid coffee drinker anyways ( if you like coffee now, you will LOVE it in college).

Now I know what all of you are thinking, if you do so much, why don’t you give something up? Unfortunately, it is not that easy for me. I don’t work for my luxury, I work because I save up to get my family something for Christmas, but mainly, I have a car I pay for myself which I am very proud of. My car is a 2013 and my story on how I got it is not the best one so I’ll save that for another day. My rec center job is minimum wage, $7.25, where I live and the magazine gives me an extra $80 on my paycheck which for my car is 2 full tanks of gas. My parents are very proud of me for keeping up with my car note, never being late and keeping gas in my car. However I am thankful to be able to do so.

Anyways, back to my point on stress. A lot of you are probably wondering why I don’t exercise less. Well there’s 2 answers for this one… I want to stay healthy would obviously be an answer which I don’t eat bad all the time, sure I occasionally have a blizzard from DQ and some fries from checkers, but I keep my junk to weekends only and my snacking on min. level. But exercising also helps me manage my stress levels, which I’m sure most of you have heard of before. If I’m worried about a project, I run or lift some weights and feel better about everything that’s going on and also feel better about myself!

If exercising isn’t your thing, there’s no shame in it. Spending time with friends and family can help, taking time for yourself – if you’re a girl, go shopping if you have extra money, get your nails done or dress up wear some heels and  make-up and go out with the girls. If you’re a guy – play some sports – have a football day with the guys or a beer, or 5, lol. Guys, you can “pamper” yourself too, get haircut or go get yourself a nice pair of shoes (tennis shoes or whatever you like to wear).

There’s many other ways stress can be handled the right way, find what works for you!

Thanks for reading ladybugs and manbugs! 🙂

Christmas in November!

Now I know what most of you reading this is saying and/or thinking to yourself… Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet (almost), it’s not time for Christmas! Believe me I say the same thing when I see Christmas decorations in stores before Halloween has even passed…

Anyways, I made this post today with my mom in mind. First off, let me tell you that I am 21-years-old and an only child in my family so I get treated as such… no I am not spoiled (maybe a little). With that being said, every year around Christmas, my mom asks me what I want for Christmas and for the past few years there hasn’t been much I could think of including this year…yes, she has already asked… and every year, she tells me to make her a list… A LIST!!

Being 21, I think its slightly silly to ask a 21-year-old college student to make her mother a Christmas list… however, because I love my mother, I humor her every year by making one and giving it to her. Usually my list consist of one big thing I have been talking about, clothes/shoes, and a few small things (like movies) that I know my parents won’t buy.

What made me think of writing this post is the fact that I just wrote out my mom a list for this year lol! 🙂 That’s not the point though… my point here is to show you that if you live in a similar (if not the same) situation as me, it’s okay to do silly things for your parents, don’t be ashamed to sit in a college classroom and write down things you’re going to ask “santa” for.

To encourage you a little bit I will put a few petty things on here from my very own list…

1. My big thing (my parents actually gave me the idea) is a 2-in-1 laptop in which you can remove the keyboard if you want, has a touchscreen and more…basically it works as a laptop or tablet. I was nice enough to give them options and gave them prices….lets just say the highest one I have listed is only $400 (they were looking at one that was $1000).

2. I have a pandora bracelet and have about two charms so I asked for another charm.

3. Seat covers for my car ( I need them) but they are hard to find.

4. My usual clothes and one pair of shoes.

5. My mom and I usually get perfume/body spray so I put that down.

This is literally almost my entire list minus like two other small things. I too always ask my parents what they want (or overhear them talking) and I always try my very best to get them something I know they want or would love! I also know that Christmas isn’t about gifts so me and my mom make the best of it every year by cooking together and shopping on black Friday all night long (literally)! Which brings me back to saying once again to humor your parents requests, especially for the holidays, no matter if you’re 15, 21 or 34. I know it will be different when I have children but I will be happy to take them along and share time and will be happy to have them humor me in times like this!

Thanks for reading ladybugs and manbugs! 🙂

Tips from a college kid to a college kid

Today I decided to start a post about the life of your average college kid. There will be some phrases that sound a lot like complaints…they are! However, this post is my simple way of trying to help other college kids see they’re not alone and show kids who are thinking of college whats expected to come with entering a university.

For starters, all of us that have been in college for at least a year have heard that we have it easy. My definition of easy is most definitely not have to sit in class or two for an hour or longer five days a week, plus work a part-time minimum wage job for 20 hours a week AND have homework to do! Not to mention a social life and your usual I’m not doing anything, staying in my pajamas for 23 hours kind of day. To those who don’t live this life, it seems like a piece of cake, but I would much rather have a good paying job with benefits that I work eight hours a day, five days a week then come home make dinner and sit on my butt for the rest of night… yes, college will get you there…hopefully…but it’s a long process only a college kid will ever understand!

Being a college student myself, I can tell you I have heard it all… I’ve gotten, “oh you’re so lucky, you get to wake up and go to class whenever you want, ” and the you don’t have to sit in the same lame classes every single day from high school students. While they are right, there is a lot they don’t know. Like the fact that we spend countless hours at night doing work and have stricter deadlines to get it all done. Also, I would much rather sit in the same class everyday and have that time to do my work there and finish it rather than having to run off to another class then sit in the comfort of my house to finish CLASS work!

Don’t let me scare me you though… at least not yet! The point of this was to inform you on a couple things you are probably have the wrong idea about. While there are perks to choosing college, the choice comes with a price much like anything does.

My next college post will be related to the INSANE amounts of work we actually have and the stress that comes with the college life so keep an eye out for that!

Thanks for reading ladybugs and/or manbugs LOL 🙂


Bucket List

It is never a bad thing to have a ton of things you want to do and places you want to see in your lifetime, but to keep them safe and organized, why not make a list that way you can cross them off as you go along? I personally have a “bucket list” of my own that I am willing to share, however I have a lot of different things, so I’m only going to post my most important on here today. I will also add the things I have already achieved.

Things I want to do

  • Have pretty teeth (I need braces)
  • Move out of Mobile (I lived here my whole life)
  • Marry the person I love
  • Own a fancy/nice camera
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
  • Have a family
  • Have my writings published
  • Fly on a plane
  • See blue roses (favorite flowers)
  • See a volcano
  • Build my own house
  • Have a skeleton key for my house
  • Visit Pompeii

Things I have accomplished

  • Write a book (working on two right now)
  • Get a tattoo (cliche I know)
  • See a movie set
  • Go white-water rafting (so fun)
  • Build a snowman (more like an iceman lol)
  • See a waterfall
  • Go ice skating
  • Have a guy give me flowers
  • Make a build-a-bear
  • Go to Tennessee (love it)
  • Go to Dollywood
  • See penguins
  • Learn darkroom photography

Even if you have 10 things you really want to do, write them down and never give up on achieving them!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Words of Wisdom

For my first blog post, I decided to put out some encouraging words and phrases written by me. Share them with your friends for you never know who needs them.

1. Smile at people you pass by, it could brighten their day.

2. Sometimes a little rain brings a lot of sunshine!

3. Surround yourself with people who bring the best you.

4. The best things in life cannot be described or written about.

5. Drive and get lost for a day!

6. Let your eyes see what camera can’t.

7. Your insecurities don’t define you, you define you.

8. Be a bit of a mystery.

9. Sadness is not a weakness, it’s a strength.

10. Pick your battles wisely, not everything is worth fighting over.

These are just a sample of all the words of wisdom I have up my sleeve, but I feel like this is a good start. If you like these and want more, tell me, leave me a comment or email me at I promise I will respond.